(Answers) Spelling book 4, page 11-15

PAGE 11-15


Measure, puncture, treasure, adventure, pleasure, brochure, mature, immature, pressure, insured,   Oes Echoes, tomatoes, potatoes, heroes, volcanoes1. A small hole.  PUNCTURE 
2. A bold or dangerous undertaking. ADVENTURE 
3. Grown up. MATURE 
4. Not grown up. IMMATURE
5. The house is __  against fire. INSURED 
6. Being a doctor is a high — job PRESSURE
7. Riches. TREASURE
8. To find out length, quantity, etc MEASURE
10. A booklet gibing information. BROCHURE
11. Mountains which erupt. VOLCANOES
12. Very brave people. HEROES
13. Repeated sound. ECHOES
14. Vegetable. POTATOES
15. Red fruit used bin salad. TOMATOES 


Stationer, confectioner, detective, actress, journalist, jeweller, engineer, fruiterer, gardener, assistant

1. She acts in plays and films. ACTRESS

2. Sells fruit. FRUITER

3. A  policeman in plain clothes. DETECTIVE

4. Works for a person or firm. ASSISTANT 

5. Sells writing paper, pens STATIONER

6. Sells sweets, cakes CONFECTIONER

7. Write articles for papers. JOURNALIST

8. Understands engines . ENGINEER

9. Sells jewels, watches JEWELER

10. Takes care of gardens. GARDENER 

11. Used for cutting. SCISSORS

12. To go up. ASCEND 

13. To go down. DESCEND 

14. One who studies science. SCIENTISTS

15. Perfume. SCENT


Al:Vertical, cathedral, horizontal, national, Portugal, funeral, several

Ch: architect, chemical, mechanical, Christmas, choir, aches, chemistry, stomach

1. Belonging to the nation. NATIONAL


3. A large church. CATHEDRAL

4. A few. SEVERAL

5. A burial. FUNERAL

6. A country in Europe. PORTUGAL

7. Upright. VERTICAL

8. A substance used by a chemist. CHEMICAL 

9. The festival of Christ’s birth. CHRISTMAS

10. Kristie sings in the school — now. CHOIR

11. A school subject. CHEMISTRY

12. Draws plans of building. ARCHITECT

13. Worked by mechanic.  MECHANICAL

14. A part of the body. STOMACH 

15. Hurts. ACHES 


ial: artificial, memorial, material, initials, aerial, perennial, essential

able: noticeable, fashionable, valuable, laughable, portable, suitable, reliable, comfortable

* A plant which comes up year after year. PERENNIAL

* It sends or receives a radio signal. AERIAL

* Necessary. ESSENTIAL

* Not natural. ARTIFICIAL

* Something in memory of a person or event. MEMORIAL

* Another word for cloth. MATERIAL

* First letters of your names. INITIALS

* In fashion. FASHIONABLE

* Worth a lot of money. VALUABLE

* Cab is trusted to do a job well. RELIABLE 


* Right for the purpose. SUITABLE

* My new coat was warm and —–. COMFORTABLE

* Easily notice. NOTICEABLE

* Something that can be carried. PORTABLE


Read the clue; choose the word from the list of words which fits the clue and write it against the proper number on your page.

or; orchid, orchestra, orbit, orphan, ornament, ordinary, orchards

au: tarpaulin, author, haughty, auctioneer, haulage, cautions, auburn, authority

1. The satellite failed to go into ________ ORBIT

2. A tropical flower _____________ ORCHID

3. Usual _____ ORDINARY

4. A child without parent ______ ORPHAN

5. A thing used to make a place more beautiful __________ ORNAMENT

6. Where fruits trees grow. ORCHARDS

7. Provides music at a theatre______ ORCHESTRA

8. Proud and aloof ____ HAUGHTY

9. The business of carrying goods. _____ HAULAGE

10. This type of person  thinks before taking action. ___ CAUTIOUS

11. One who writes book. ____ AUTHOR

12. Reddish-brown colour. AUBURN

13. A waterproof sheet ______ TARPAULIN

14. Have we ____ to stop him? AUTHORITY

15. A person who manages an auction sale _____ AUCTIONEER

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