(Answer) spelling book 3, page 11-15

PAGE 11-15

Read the clue; choose the word from the list of words which fits the clue and write it against the proper number on your page.



Brought, ought, fought, bought, nought, thought 


Bough, plough, though, through, rough, cough, tough, enough, trough 

1. Struggled FOUGHT

2. Purchased. BOUGHT

3. Fetched. BROUGHT

4. Nothing. NOUGHT

5. Worked out in one’s mind THOUGHT 

6. Kate is I’ll and __ to go home OUGHT

7. The plane landed even ___ it was damaged. THOUGH

8. A fireman made his way — the smoke. THROUGH

9. A branch of tree. BOUGH

10. A tool for turning up the soil. PLOUGH

11. Sufficient. ENOUGH

12. Not smooth. ROUGH

13. A chest complaint. COUGH

14. Holds an animal’s food. TROUGH

15. Not easily broken.  TOUGH


Clock, haddock, crockery,haystack, cricket, attack, stockings, rocket, truck, prickly, chicken, racket, ticket, kicking, locker

1. Cups, saucers, plates   CROCKERY 

2. Worn on the feet and legs. STOCKINGS 

3. They are laughed into space. ROCKETS

4. A lorry. TRUCK

5. A large heap of dried grass. HAYSTACK

6. A farm bird. CHICKEN

7 Sharp to the touch. PRICKY

8.A machine for measuring time. CLOCK

9. A fish. HADDOCK

10. A game. CRICKET

11. To ambush. ATTACK

12. A box or cupboard that can be locked . LOCKER

13. Hitting with the foot. KICKING

14. Used in tennis. RACKET

15. Bought at a booking office. TICKET


Rubbish, pebble, grabbed, stubble, rabbit, bubble, wobbling, hobbies, robbed, stubborn, nibble, babbling, shabby, scribble, squabble.

1. Vicky — — her calculator and ran. GRABBED

2. Quarrel. SQUABBLE 

3. Poorly dressed. SHABBY

4. A little bite. NIBBLE

5. Two masked men— the bank. ROBBED 

6. Careless writing. SCRIBBLE.

7. Stalks left in the ground after harvesting. STUBBLE

8. Not willing yo give in. STUBBORN 

9. My — are jogging and dancing. HOBBIES

10. Talking nonsense. BABBLING 

11. An animal. RABBIT

12. Usually out in the dustbin. RUBBISH

13. Small stones. PEBBLES

14. Children blow these. BUBBLES

15. Unsteady. WOBBLING 


WW: Wrinkles, wrestling, wrappers, writhe, wren, writer, wreath, write, wreckage, watched 

dge: hedge, sledge, fudge, badge, bridge

* I will ___ him a letter. WRITE

* An author. WRITER

* To twist about in pain. WRITHE

* We saw the ___ of the crashed plane. WRECKAGE

* His fave was covered in____WRINKLES

* Miserable. WRETCHED

* A sport. WRESTLING

* A small bird.WREN 

* We sent five chocolate ___ for a free bar. WRAPPERS

* A ring or cross of flowers often sent to a funeral. WREATH

* A soft sweet. FUDGE

* He pinned the — on his coat. BADGE

* A fence of plants. HEDGE

* A way over a river or railway. BRIDGE

* Is pulled across the snow. SLEDGE


au: gaudy, Australia, Sauce, saucepan, autograph, August, Autumn, haul, vault, sausages, author, saucer, automatic, paused, mauve. 

1. A season _____ AUTUMN 

2. A writer _____ AUTHOR

3. Bright and flashy. GAUDY

4. A country. AUSTRALIA

5. They _____ to glance at the map _____ PAUSED

6. A liquid added to food to make it tasty. _______ SAUCE

7. it is put under a teacup. _________ SAUCER

8. An underground room with an arched roof. _____ VAULT

9. To drag. ____ HAUL

10. A kitchen pan _____ SAUCEPAN

11. Minced meat put into skins. ______ SAUSAGES

12. The kettle was ____ and switched itself off. AUTOMATIC

13. One’s own signature. ____ AUTOGRAPH

14. The eight month. AUGUST

15. A colour. MAUVE

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