(Answers) Spelling book 6, 6-10


In the kitchen 

sieve, scissors, microwave, saucepan, dishwasher, percolator, casserole, drawers, dessert, detergent, serrated, refrigerator, cupboards, ladle, polythene

1. Washing up liquid. DETERGENT

2. An oven which cooks very quickly. MICROWAVE

3. A pan used for boiling. SAUCEPAN

4. Machine for keeping food cool. REFRIGERATOR

5. Has tiny holes for straining. SIEVE

6. Transparent material. POLYTHENE

7. Storage places with doors. CUPBOARDS 

8. Dish for cooking food slowly. CASSEROLE

9. Long handled spoon for serving soup. LADLE

10. A cutting tool. SCISSORS

11. Machine for doing the washing up. DISHWASHER

12. Used for making coffee. PERCOLATOR

13. Medium sized spoon for sweets. DESSERT

14. Sliding containers. DRAWER

15. Breadknives have __ edges. SERRATED 



plywood, hyena, analyse, hypotenuse, thyme, dynamite, hydrants, bypass. 


deafened, treasure, instead, headstrong, threatened, endeavoured, breadth

1. Used to cause explosions. DYNAMITE

2. A garden herb. THYME

3. Takes traffic around a city instead of though it. BYPASS

4. Wild dog-like animal. HYENA

5. Thoroughly examine the facts. ANALYSE

6. Fireman connect hoses to __ HYDRANTS

7. Board made from thin layers of wood. PLYWOOD

8. The side opposite the right angle in a right-angled triangle. HYPOTENUSE 

9. Width. BREADTH

10. The hijacker __ the pilot. THREATENED 

11. Riches. TREASURE

12. Would you like tea __ of coffee? INSTEAD

13. Attempted. ENDEAVOURED 

14. Noise from the jets __ the spectators. DEAFENED 

15. Very self-willed. HEADSTRONG 



Dinghies, forecasts, life- jacket, jib sail,  charts, stern, catamaran, Mary Celeste, hoisting, port, bow, starboard, tiller, halyards, Norfolk Broads

1. Name for the front of a boat. BOW

2. Name for the rear of a boat. STERN

3. Pulling up a sail is called__HOISTING

4. Keeps you afloat in the water. LIFE JACKET

5. A sail in the shape of a triangle. JIB SAIL

6. Mystery ship found without crew. MARY CELESTE

7. Twin_ hulled sailing boat. CATAMARAN

8. Arm for steering boat. TILLER

9. Sailors listen to weather — FORECAST

10. Name given in ropes for hoisting sail. HALYARD

11. Popular east coast sailing area NORFOLK BROADS

12. Small sailing or rowing boats. DINGHIES

13. Name for maps of the sea. CHARTS

14. Name for the left side of a boat. PORT

15. Name for the right side of a boat. STARBOARD



Japanese, Portuguese, New Zealanders, Trinidadians, Danes, Swiss, Australians, Turks, Icelanders, Pakistanis 


Radar, grammar, cabaret, perpendicular, Gibraltar

1. The people of Australia. AUSTRALIANS 

2. The people of Denmark. DANES

3. The people of Turkey. TURKS

4. The people of Japan. JAPANESE 

5. The people of Iceland. ICELANDERS

6. The people of Portugal. PORTUGUESE

7. The people of New Zealand. NEW ZEALANDERS 

8. The people of Pakistan. PAKISTANIS

9. The people of Trinidad. TRINIDADIANS

10. The people of Switzerland. SWISS

11. Famous rick over 305 m high. GIBRALTAR

12. System for detecting aircraft, ships etc. RADAR

13. Study of language. GRAMMAR

14. Entertainment of a restaurant. CABARET

15. At right angles. PERPENDICULAR



Metre, kilogram, kilometre, millimetre, centimetre


Neil, Sheila, seize, Eiffel Tower, foreign, leisure 


Thermometer, barometer, altimeter, speedometer


2. m METRE. 




6. To grab. SEIZE

7. From another country. FOREIGN 

8. Free Time.  LEISURE 

9. A girl’s name. SHEILA  

10. A boy’s name. NEIL 

11. In Paris and lover 299m high. EIFFEL TOWER 

12. Instrument for showing a vehicle’s speed. SPEEDOMETER 

13. Instrument showing a planet height. ALTIMETER. 

14. Instrument for measuring heat. THERMOMETER 

15. Instrument for measuring air pressure. BAROMETER

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