(Answers) spelling book 2, page 11-15

PAGE 11-15


Read the clue; choose the word from the list of words which fits the clue and write it against the proper number on your page.

ea: bread, treasure, ready, dead, instead, feathers, thread, deaf, steady, dreadful, read, breakfast, weather, tread, measure.


halves, wives, leaves, thieves, wolves, calves, loaves, knives, shelves, themselves, 


cushion, station, relation, mention, portion

1. Husbands and WIVES

2. Used for putting things on SHELVES

3. For cutting KNIVES

4. The teacher told them to behave THEMSELVES

5. Young cows. CALVES

6. Wild animals. WOLVES

7. People who steal THIEVES 

8. In the Autumn they are swept up

9. Bread LOAVES

10. Two — make a whole HALVES

11. The train stops here. STATION

12. Something soft to sit on. CUSHION

13. A member of your family. RELATION

14. A part. PORTION

15. To speak about something.  MENTION


Sole, hose, alone, telephone, close, hope, wrote, wardrobe

Tune,fuse, rude, huge,fortune, flute, glue

1. Used for ringing people. TELEPHONE 

2. I — you will feel better next term. HOPE

3. Shasia sat down and — a letter. WROTE

4. Please — the door. CLOSE

5. A piece of furniture usually found in a bedroom. WARDROBE

6. Part of a shoe. SOLE

7. Foe watering a garden . HOSE

8. By yourself. ALONE

9. To be cheeky is to be RUDE

10. Very big . HUGE

11. A musical instrument. FLUTE

12. Sticks things together. GLUE

13. If the electric light fails this may have to be replaced. FUSE

14. Play a — on your recorder TUNE

15. The gipsy was a — teller. FORTUNE 


Ing: sloping,poking, smoking, stroking, dozing, phoning, hoping, joking, using, ruling, gluing, curing, cruising, refusing, bruising

*  Making a telephone call. PHONING

* Clowns are always JOKING

* Looking forward to something. HOPING

* Not level. SLOPING 

* Pushing with the finger. POKING

* Nodding off to sleep. DOZING 

*  The cowboy was — his horse’s mane. STROKING 

* The bonfire was still SMOKING

* Jack was — his brains. USING

* Sticking together. GLUING

* It is no use– to go to school. REFUSING 

* Healing. CURING 

* Making a black and blue patch on the skin by knocking it. BRUISING 

* Having a holiday at sea. CRUISING 

* I like — lines with a ruler. RULING 


tch: watch, matches, kitchen, stitches, fetch, stretcher, scratches, ditch, thatched, pitch, witch, hutch, itches, stretch, switch

1. He was lifted into the ambulance on a ____ STRETCHER

2. Made in sewing with a needle and thread. STITCHES

3. The old cottage had a ____ roof. THATCHED

4. A cat’s claws will leave these on your skin. SCRATCHES

5. When struck they burn MATCHES

6. A room for cooking and washing up the pats KITCHEN

7. To bring FETCH

8. To pull out and make longer STRETCH 

9. A trench for water DITCH

10. She is said to ride on a broomstick WITCH

11. A house for rabbit HUTCH

12. Tickles ITCHES

13. The team played on the cricket PITCH

14. It puts on the light SWITCH

15. My new digital ___ is very accurate WATCH


1. Not alive __________ DEAD

2. You eat this with butter ____ BREAD

3. A word meaning awful. _____ DREADFUL

4. We’re _____ to go , Dad ____________ READY

5. Walk. ______ TREAD

6. A meal. _____ BREAKFAST

7. Unable to hear _____ DEAF

8. Birds are covered with these____ FEATHERS

9. The ______ forecast tells us what tomorrow will be like. WEATHER

10. This goes through the eye of a needle. _____ THREAD

11. In place of ________ INSTEAD

12. Have you ____ this  book? READ

13. It needs a ______ hand to thread a needle. STEADY

14. To find out how long or how wide a thing is ________ MEASURE

15. Pirates buried this on islands ____ TREASURE

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