(Answers) spelling book 4, page 6-10



collide, quarrelled, intelligence, jewellery, parallel, signalled, rebellion 


believe, achieve, besiege, pierce, niece, fierce, tiers, sieve

1. Argued with. QUARELLED

2.An uprising. REBELLION 

3. Diamonds, pearls etc JEWELLERY

4. To bump into. COLLIDE

5. Cleverness of mind. INTELLIGENCE

6. Always the same distance apart. PARALLEL

7. Gave a sign. SIGNALLED 

8. To surround with an army. BESIEGE 

9. Your sister’s or brother’s daughter NIECE

10. Has tiny holes for straining. SIEVE 

11. To have faith. BELIEVE

12. Savage. FIERCE

13. To make a hole through. PIERCE

14. Seats in rows. TIERS

15. I hope she will ___ her ambition. ACHIEVE 



portrait, tailboard, plaice, maize, containers, stainless, failure


settee, Mathew, lettuce, transmitting, attempt, jetty, battery, committee

1. Indian corn. MAIZE

2. These ___ have plastic lids. CONTAINER

3. The opposite of success. FAILURE

4. A picture of someone. PORTRAIT

5. A fish. PLAICE

6. The lorry’s __ had fallen. TAILBOARD

7. The sink unit has __steel fittings. STAINLESS

8. The parachutist landed safely at the first. ATTEMPT

9. Broadcasting. TRANSMITTING 

10. A boy’s name. MATHEW

11. A seat for two or more people. SETTEE

12. A group of people. COMMITTEE

13. Mary’s calculator needed a new ___ BATTERY

14. A salad vegetables. LETTUCE

15. A pier. JETTY




Australians, Spaniards, Egyptians, Hungarians, Portuguese, Belgians, French, Japanese, Norwegians, Dutch


Retreat, disappear, beneath, repeat, released

1. The ___ live in France. FRENCH

2. The ___ live in Japan. JAPANESE 

3. The ___ live in Egypt. EGYPTIANS 

4. The ___ live in Norway. NORWEGIANS 

5. The ___ live in Australia. AUSTRALIANS

6. The ___ live in Portugal. Portuguese

7. The ___ live in Belgium. BELGIANS

8. The ___ live in Spain. SPANIARDS

9. The ___ live in Hungary. HUNGARIANS

10. The ___ live in Holland. DUTCH

11. Do or say over again. REPEAT

12. The prisoner was __  the from the cell. RELEASED

13. Under. BENEATH

14. To go back when attacked. RETREAT

15. To go from view. DISAPPEAR 



Sovereign, ceiling, receipt, vein, receive, foreign, veil, neighbours, neither, deceive, through, enough, drought, thorough,  dough

1. They live near you. NEIGHBOURS

2. A blood vessel. VEIN 

3. To mislead on purpose. DECEIVE 

4. For their honesty they will — a reward. RECEIVE 

5. From another country. FOREIGN 

6. A head of state or a gold coin. SOVEREIGN 

7. Not one or the other. NEITHER 

8. My bedroom — Is cracked. CEILING 

9. A paper saying payment has been made. RECEIPT 

10. Worn by a bride in her hair. VEIL

11. A long period without rain. DROUGHT 

12.Bread before baking. DOUGH

13. Sufficient. ENOUGH

14. Painstaking. THOROUGH 

15. A sparrow flew_  the window. THROUGH



Wreckage, carriage, manager, baggage, savage, beverage, courage, marriage, languages, sewage


Accelerate, account, accident, success, accept.

1. The TV showed a horse-drawn. CARRIAGE

2. A wedding. MARRIAGE 

3. A drink. BEVERAGE

4. Pieces of a crashed aircraft. WRECKAGE

5. One who looks after a bank. MANAGER

6. Fiona speaks two foreign — LANGUAGES 

7. Bravery. COURAGE 

8. We lost our — at the airport. BAGGAGE

9. Waste matter carried away by drains. SEWAGE

10. Fierce. SAVAGE

11 I have a bank —ACCOUNT 

12. To take what is offered. ACCEPT 

13. His new play was a huge __ SUCCESS

14. Go faster. ACCELERATE

15. The — happened in thick fog. ACCIDENT 

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