(Answers) John Smith spelling book 5, page 1-5


potato     mosquito    solo    volcano    hero    tomato    cargo echoes    buffaloes    mosquitoes    potatoes    tomatoes    heroes    volcanoes    dominoes
1. Amy Johnson was the first woman to fly Australia _____         SOLO
2. Vesuvius is a _______                                                                 VOLCANO
3. A red fruit _______                                                                       TOMATO
4. A starchy food _______                                                                 POTATO
5. The goods carried by a ship                                                            CARGO
6. An insect                                                                                        MOSQUITO
7. A very brave person                                                                       HERO
8. Insect                                                                                             MOSQUITOES
9. The plural of potato is                                                                    POTATOES
10. Ox-like animals                                                                            BUFFALOES
11. Very brave people                                                                        HEROES
12. Mountains which erupt                                                                VOLCANOES
13. Plural of tomato                                                                            TOMATOES
14.Reflected sounds is known as ____                                                ECHOES
15. A game is known as ______                                                          DOMINOES


ei eighthy, neighbour, freight,weightless,reindeer, foreign,neigh,reigh,heir,heiress
 1. From another country. FOREIGN 
 2. Animal of the cold lands. REINDEER
   3. In space astronauts become . WEIGHTLESS 
 4. 16X5 . EIGHTY 
 5. The sound made by a horse. NEIGH
  6. Cargo. FREIGHT 
 7. One who lives nearby. NEIGHBOUR 
 8. Male person left money or property in a will. HEIR 
 9. Female person left money or property in a will. HEIRESS 
 10. The time when a king is on the throne. REIGN FORE Forecast, foreman, forefinger, foreground, forehead 
 11. The front part of the head . FOREHEAD

12. The finger next to the thumb. FOREFINGER
  13. Man in charge of a group of people . FOREMAN 
 14. Now here is the weather. FORECAST
  15. In the __ of the painting was an old bridge. FOREGROUND



Exciting, underlining, surprising, driving, aching, examining, smuggling, perspiring, dining, sparking,losing, believing, rejoicing, refusing, escaping.

1. Another word for Hurting is _________. ACHING

2. Another word for Thrilling is _____. EXCITING

3. Importing goods illegally is called _____. SMUGGLING

4. Having a belief is called ______. BELIEVING

5. Saying NO means ______. REFUSING

6. Drawing lines under is called ______. UNDERLINING 

7. Eating dinner is ______. DINING

8. Controlling a car means _______. DRIVING 

9. Another word for Glittering is _____. SPARKLING 

10.Synonyms of Fleeing _____. ESCAPING

11.  Another word for Inspecting is ____. EXAMINING 

12. Opposite of winning is _______. LOSING 

13. Being joyful is called ______. REJOICING

14. Synonyms of Sweating is ______. PRESPIRING

15. Another word for Astonishing is _______. SURPRISING


diesel, oil, excel, colonel, quarrel, spaniel, Michael, enamel, Jabel, Israel, swivel 

1.  A country. ISRAEL

2. A boy’s name. MICHAEL

3. Rotate. SWIVEL

4. Be very good at something. EXCEL

5.  A fuel. DIESEL

6. A dog with drooping ears. SPANIEL

7. An officer in the army. COLONEL

8. The– on the dress gave washing instructions. OIL

9. A  dispute. QUARREL

10. A hard coating on teeth. ENAMEL

spinning, winning, running, grinning, beginning.

11. Turning round and round. SPINNING 

12. Starting. BEGINNING 

13. Smiling broadly. GRINNING 

14. Opposite of losing. WINNING 

15. Tracy is ___ in the marathon next year. RUNNING


rprojector, professor, escalator, conqueror, inferior, superior, bachelor, equator, alligator, governor, radiator, refrigerator, spectator, castors, generator.
1. An imaginary line around the centre of the earth. EQUATOR
2. For keeping food fool. REFRIGERATOR
3. Better. SUPERIOR
4. Worse. INFERIOR
5. An onlooker. SPECTATOR
6. A teacher often found in universities. PROFESSOR
7. Heavy furniture can be moved about on___ CASTOR
8. An unmarried man. BACHELOR
9. An invading king is known as a ___ CONQUEROR 
10. It provides warmth. RADIATOR
11. A short headed crocodile. ALLIGATOR
12. Throws pictures on to a screen. PROJECTOR
13. Machine for making electricity. GENERATOR
14. A person who governs. GOVERNOR
15. A moving staircase. ESCALATOR


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