(Answers) John Smith spelling book 6, page 1-5


( cycling) 

 puncture, tricycle, dynamo, reflector, tandem, lubricate, efficient, pneumatic, bicycle, milometer, maintenance, accidents, mudguard, handlebars, tyre-lever 
 1. Red disc on rear of cycle. REFLECTOR
  2. Prevents mud splashes. MUDGUARD 
 3. Air- filled tyres. PNEUMATIC
  4. A hole in the inner tube. PUNCTURE
  5. The part we hold to steer. HANDLEBARS 
6. Two-wheeled cycle. BICYCLE  
7. A three-wheeled cycle. TRYCYCLE
  8. Tool for removing a tyre. TYRE-LEVER
  9. To oil. LUBRICATE
  10. Check brakes to see they are. EFFICIENT  
11. Poor brakes may cause. ACCIDENT 
 12. Cycle for two riders. TANDEM 
 13. It makes electricity. DYNAMO 
 14. Records the distance traveled. MILOMETER 
 15. Cleaning, oiling and repairing of a cycle. MAINTENANCE


e + ing

ache, dine, separate, surprise, operate, notice, ice, unite, rehearse 
 1. The meal is in the __ room. DINING
   2. Put on the top of cakes. ICING
  3. The guests could not help __ Yvonne’s hat. NOTICING
  4. The surgeon left the ___ theatre. OPERATING 
 5. A window -dresser was — the toys from the books. SEPARATING 
 6. Martins’ tooth was — ACHING 
 7. Joining. UNITING  

8. Practicing. REHEARSING.
 9. Astonishing. SURPRISING  

Answers 1 to 9 form an acrostic which gives a reminder of prehistoric times. DINOSAURS


 penicillin, satellites, plimsoll, excellent, alligator, successfully 
 10. Crocodile with short head. ALLIGATOR 1
11. Extremely good. EXCELLENT 
 12. Used in space for sending messages. SATELLITES 
 13. Ben passed his test– SUCCESSFULLY
  14. A drug used for killing germs. PENICILLIN 
 15. Soft gym shoe. PLIMSOLL



Stirrups, cantering, mane, piebald ,reins, grooming, gymkhanas, bridle, novice, jodhpurs, instructor, stallion, made, faults, trekking.

1. Long hair on a horse’s neck. MANE

2. A female horse. MARE

3. Between trotting and galloping. CANTERING

5. Brushing the horse. GROOMING

6. For the rider’s feet. STIRRUPS

7. A teacher of riding. INSTRUCTOR

8. Riding breeches. JODHPURS

9. Horse-riding competitions. GYMKHANAS

10. Straps which go over the horse’s head. BRIDE

11. Name for a male horse. STALLION

12. Mistakes by a rider in show jumping. FAULTS

13. Horse with patches of white and black. PIEBALD

14. Pony — holidays grow more popular. TREKKING

15. A name for a beginner. NOVICE


i before e except after  c

Thieves , shield, ceiling, believe, receive, piece, friend , deceive, niece, patient 

1. Roof of a room. CEILING
2. To have Faith. BELIEVE
3. A pal. Friend 
4. Robbers. THIEVES
5. Someone looked after by a doctor or nurse. PATIENT 
6. Protect. SHIELD
7. A part of something . PIECE 
8. Your brother’s or sister’s daughter. NIECE 
9. To cheat or mislead. DECEIVE
10. winners will — prizes. RECEIVE 
knitted, batted, trotted, fitted, plotted 


13. A word made from KNITTED




believe, relief, piece, priests, mischief, pierce, chief, thief, besieged, niece, grieve, shield, fierce, field, handkerchief

1. A part. PIECE

2. To feel sadness. GRIEVE

3. We don’t — what they say. BELIEVE

4. Your brother’s daughter. NIECE

5. Carried for protection. SHIELD

6. A head person. CHIEF

7. It’s a ___ not to have that pain. RELIEF

8. Animals graze in it. FEILD

9. To make a hole. PIERCE

10. Savage. FIERCE

11. One who steals. THIEF

12. Out of the church came two__ PRIESTS

13. They giggled and looked full of____  MISCHIEF

14. For wiping the nose. HANDKERCHIEF

15. The city was ___ for a month. BESIEGED 

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