(Answers) Spelling book 2, page 1-5




1. A drink. COFFEE

2. Rain mixed with snow. BEECH

3. The skin of an orange. PEEL

4. A tree. SLEET

5. A food made from milk. CHEESE

6. A bicycle has 2 and a tricycle 3. WHEELS

7. A sticky sweet. TOFFEE

8. A gentle wind. BREEZE

9. We keep ice-cream in the . FREEZER

10. An animal. DEER

11. A very strong metal. STEEL

12. An insect with four wings. BEETLE

13. To shout with joy. CHEER

14. To welcome a person. GREET

15. A part of the foot. HEEL


( ir )  thirty, shirts, birthday, circus, thirsty, circle, stir, fir, thirteen. 
 1. The day you were born. BIRTHDAY
  2. Children like to wear T– SHIRTS 
 3. To play the game, the children stood in a ___ CIRCLE
  4. Dad likes to ___ his tea. STIR 
 5. 13. THIRTEEN 
 6. In need of a drink. THIRSTY  
7. A tree. FIR 
 8. 6×5= THIRTY 
 9. We went to the ___ and saw acrobats and clowns. CIRCUS 
 Months February, August, January, December, September, November 
 10. The eleventh month. NOVEMBER 
 11. The eight months. AUGUST 
 12. Christmas is in this one. DECEMBER 
 13. The month before February. JANUARY 1
14. The ninth month. SEPTEMBER 
 15. The shortest month. FEBRUARY.



Goose, roof, pool, scooter, cool, foolish, moon

1. We smim in a . POOL

2. It shines at night. MOON

3. A small motorbike. SCOOTER

4. Silly. FOOLISH

5. The top of the house. ROOF

6. A large bird. GOOSE

7. Not warm. COOL


Eight, eleven, twelve,seven,thirteen, nineteen, fifteen, twenty.

8. 11 ELEVEN

9. A dozen. TWELV

10. 4X2. EIGHT

11. 7 SEVEN

12. 10X2. TWENTY

13. 5X3. FIFTEEN

14. 19. NINETEEN 

15. 13. THIRTEEN


eaCheap, seat-belt, weak, scream, tease, easy, bean, beach, beads, lean, steal, peace
1. Not hard. EASY
2. These are worn round the neck.  BEADS
3. To take things which are not yours. STEAL
4. To slope over to one side. LEAN
5. Another name for the sands. BEACH
6. A vegetable. BEAN
7. A loud shrill cry. SCREAM
8. Low in price. CHEAP
9. To annoy. TEASE
10. Not strong. WEAK
11. The driver forgot to fasten his — SEAT-BELT
12. Quietness. PEACE
Steak, break, great 13. To smash in pieces. BREAK
14. Mighty. GREAT
15. A slice of meat. STEAK



jail, afraid, straight, curtains, sailor, faint, mountain, raise, painful

1. A seaman. SAILOR

2. A high hill. MOUNTAIN

3. Hurting. PAINFUL

4. The thief was sent to— JAIL

5. Frightened. AFRAID

6. We’ll try to ___ money for the hospital. RAISE

7. To fall down senseless. FAINT

8. They hang at the window. CURTAINS

9. Not crooked. STRAIGHT


hairbrush, aircraft, upstairs, repair, dairy, fairies

10. Another word for aeroplanes. AIRCRAFT

11. They are supposed to live in ‘Fairyland’. FAIRIES

12. A shop which sells milk. DAIRY

13. He packed his __ and comb. HAIRBRUSH

14. Tariq went ___ to bed. UPSTAIRS

15. A word meaning mend. REPAIR

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