(Answers) Spelling book 3, page 6-10



eight, weight, reindeer, neigh, feint, eighty, reigned, weigh, neighbourhood, freight, neither, foreign, their, rein, neighbour.

1. To find out how heavy a thing is. WEIGH

2. Queen Victoria___ for over 60 years. REIGNED

3. Dad collects ___ stamps. FOREIGN

4. 2×4 EIGHT

5. 80 EIGHTY

6. Piece of metal used for weighing. WEIGHT

7.  Belonging to them. THEIR

8. A person who lives near. NEIGHBOUR

9. Strap for guiding a horse. REIN

10. A kind of deer. REINDEER

11. Not this one nor that. NEITHER

12. Pam’s horse began to ___ in the stable. NEIGH

13. The house is in a pleasant ___ NEIGHBOURHOOD 

14. The footballer made a ___,  then pass. FEINT

15. A —- train carries goods. FREIGHT


applied, appetite, slippery, unzipped, stopped, supper, ripple, skipping, applause, puppies, approach, slipper, disappear, whipped, apple

1. The pie had __ cream on top. WHIPPED

2. Ice had made the road very ___ SLIPPERY

3. A fruit. APPLE

.4. Prevented. STOPPED

5. An indoor shoe. SLIPPER

6. My sister has ___ for a job. APPLIED

7. There was loud ___ for the singer. APPLAUSE

8. To vanish DISAPPEAR

9. It was hot so he ___ his anorak. UNZIPPED

10. An evening meal. SUPPER

11. A rope game. SKIPPING

12. Young dogs. PUPPIES

13. To come near. APPROACH

14. The sea air gave Jim a healthy. APPETITE

15. A small wave. RIPPLE



Squirrel, labels, quarrel, barrel, jewel, shovel, tunnel, flannel, panel, camel, 


Caught, caught, daughter, naughty, slaughter

1. A precious stone. JEWEL

2. A container. BARREL

3. A kind of spade. SHOVEL

4. An animal with a bushy tail__ SQUIRREL

5.  The rice is written on the __ LABELS

6. An underground passage. TUNNEL

7. A flat piece of wood, often in a door or wall. PANEL

8. An animal with one or two humps. CAMEL

9. Cloth. FLANNEL

10. To disagree. QUARREL

11. Female child. DAUGHTER 

12. A fly was__ in the spider’s web. CAUGHT

13. He was mischievous but not__ NAUGHTY 

14. Kill. SLAUGHTER 

15. Shown how to do something. TAUGHT



lightning, flight, height, mighty, eyesight, frighten, midnight, nightmare, slight, fortnight, delight, twilight, lighthouse, alighted, tighten

1. How high a thing is. HEIGHT 

2. To make afraid. FRIGHTEN

3. Fog on the runway delayed our___ FLIGHT


5. Fourteen days. FORTNIGHT

6. We must ___ this loose screw. TIGHTEN 

7. A very bad dream. NIGHTMARE

8. Julie only had a ___ cold. SLIGHT

9. An electric flash in the sky. LIGHTNING 

10. Contains a flashing light to warn ships. LIGHTHOUSE

11. Very powerful. MIGHTY

12. A butterfly had __ on my head. ALIGHTED

13. 12 o’clock at night. MIDNIGHT

14. Soft light just before it gets dark. TWILIGHT

15. Without glasses his ___ was poor. EYESIGHT



humble, grumble, bicycle, impossible, terrible, pickle, people, paddle, chuckle, stumble, dimple, thimble, tremble, title, double 

1. To laugh. CHUCKLE

2. Men, women, and children. PEOPLE

3. To trip when walking. STUMBLE

4. Lynn soon learnt to __ a canoe. PADDLE

5. Not proud. HUMBLE

6. To complain. GRUMBLE

7. To preserve. PICKLE

8. A two-wheeled cycle. BICYCLE

9. A small hollow in the cheek. DIMPLE

10. Cannot be done. IMPOSSIBLE

11. What is the __ of the book. TITLE

12. Very bad. TERRIBLE

13. worn on the finger when sewing. THIMBLE

14. In the room was a large __ bed DOUBLE

15. To shake all over. TREMBLE 

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