Assessment Question (Year 2 I.C.T)



SUBJECT: I C T              

Attempt all the questions

  1. A __________ printer is much faster but can not create carbon copies.

 (a) Laser          (b) Dot matrix       (c)Deskjet             (d)fake

  • I am something, I bring out the information from the computer on a paper. What am I ?    
  • (a) Jonathan          (b) Computer         (c) Printer   (d)Pencil
  • A printer is an output device. TRUE/FALSE
  • How many types of printer do we have?

(a) 12                (b) 20                    (c) 2             (d)3

  • ___________ printer looks like a typewriter .

 (a) Laser           (b) Dot matrix                (c)Deskjet             (d)fake

  • A teacher uses a projector to display their presentations. Is it an input device or output device?
  • _________ devices are used to bring out information from the computer.

(a) input            (b) output              (c) processing        (d) storage

  • ________ devices are used to enter data into the computer.

(a) input            (b) output              (c) processing        (d) storage

  • There are ____ basic components of computer.

 (a) 4      (b) 5           (c) 7           (d) 9

  1. Is headphone an input or output devices?
  1. _________ is used to open and edit a text file

Arrange the steps given in the correct order below using number 1-4

  1. Then type notepad inside the search box (  )
  2. Click on Notepad (  )
  3. Click on the start button (   )
  4. Click on the arrow key (  )

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