(Answers) Spelling book 2, page 6-10



whale, spade, safe, brake, race, cage, shake, hate, ride, tiles, wire, shine, like, invite, hike.

1. The jewels were locked in the— SAFE

2. We dig with a ___ SPADE

3. This stops the car. BRAKE

4. To run fast. RACE

5. The largest sea animal WHALE

 6. A tiger had escaped from its ___ CAGE

7. To dislike very much. HATE

8. A word meaning tremble. SHAKE

9. A long walk. HIKE

10. To be bright and gleaming. SHINE

11. We— to go swimming. LIKE

12. Dad is teaching me to ___ my bike. RIDE

13. You find these on the roof. TILES

14. A kind of metal string. WIRE

15. To ask a friend for tea. INVITE


shaving, racing, hating,saving,having,blazing,tasting,fading,hiking,shining,dining,writing,firing,inviting,driving

1. Mark is ___ up for a camera SAVING

2. Disliking very much. HATING

3. Taking off the whiskers. SHAVING

4. Losing its colour. FADING

5. We use our tongues for this. TASTING

6. My brother drives a __ car. RACING

7. We are ___ a party tonight. HAVING

8. With flames coming out. BLAZING

9. Gleaming. SHINING

10. Tracy is ___ a letter. WRITING

11. Asking people to your house. INVITING

12. Shooting. FIRING

13. She was __ her car too fast. DRIVING

14. They ate dinner in the __ room. DINING

15. Walking. HIKING



Flower, saucer, trousers, December, Father, supper, toaster, butter, freezer, teacher, mother, summer, letter, butcher, soldier. 

1.  Christmas is in this month. DECEMBER

2. A meal before going to bed. SUPPER

3. You spread it on bread. BUTTER

4. It is brought by the postman. LETTER

5. There is ice cream in the — FREEZER

6. Another name for Dad. FATHER

7. A buttercup is a — FLOWER

8. Used with a cup. SAUCER

9. A man in the army. SOLDIER 

10. Sells meat. BUTCHER

11. The warmest season of the year. SUMMER

12. Another name for Mum. MOTHER

13. Mike was wearing his new– TROUSERS

14. It makes a toast. TOASTER

15. This person works in a classroom. TEACHER



Saturday, further, purple, curves, burst, return,, surprise, burglar, turnip, Thursdays


dying, frying, drying, trying, flying

1. Go back. RETURN

2. Robs houses and shops. BURGLARS

3. A vegetable. TURNIP

4. If today is Tuesday the day after tomorrow. THURSDAY

5. Everyone ___ out laughing. BURST

6. A colour. PURPLE

7. A word meaning farther. FURTHER

9. An unexpected happening. SURPRISE

10. The day before Sunday. SATURDAY

11. Cooking. FRYING

12. Moving through the air. FLYING

13. I am ___ hard with my swimming. TRYING

14. Losing life. DYING

15. Getting rid of the water. DRYING



bottom, hitting, little, butter, cotton,, lottery, cottage, attic, pretty, bottle, rattle, batting, settee, rotten,, button
1. Using a bat. BATTING
2. We bought two armchairs and a SETTEE
3.  The lowest part of anything. BOTTOM
4. Bad. ROTTEN
5. This is bought on a reel. COTTON
6. We spread it on bread. BUTTER
7. Used for fastening coat. BUTTONS
8. Pleasant to look at. PRETTY
9. A hammer is for ___ nails. HITTING
10. A baby’s toy. RATTLE
11. Small. LITTLE
12. A small room at the top of a house. ATTIC
13. A small house. COTTAGE
14. Used for holding liquids. BOTTLE
15. A way of winning a prize. LOTTERY

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