(Answers) Spelling book 5, page 6-10



finally, seriously, politely, usually, thoroughly, dangerously, vertically, wisely, immediately, sincerely, accurately, strangely, delicately, separately, lovely

1. In a dangerous manner. DANGEROUSLY

2. At right angles to the horizon. VERTICALLY 

3. In a serious manner. SERIOUSLY

4. Opposite of rudely. POLITELY

5. Lastly. FINALLY

6. His doctor examined him very__ THOROUGHLY 

7. Nicola __ goes skating on Saturdays. USUALLY

8. One at a time. SEPARATELY

9. Daintily. DELICATELY

10. Beautiful. LOVELY

11. In a sincere manner. SINCERELY 

12. In a wise manner. WISELY 

13. In a strange manner. STRANGELY 

14. Correctly. ACCURATELY

15. At once. IMMEDIATELY 



typewriters, dynamo, dynamite, rhyme, python, tyre, hygiene, hyphen, cyclone, dynamic, pylon, hydrogen, tyrant, hyacinths, hydroelectricity

1. Electricity made by water power. HYDRO-ELECTRICITY

2. Rubber part of a car wheel. TYRE

3. A large snake. PYTHON

4. A sign for linking two words. HYPHEN

5. A wind storm. CYCLONE

6. Bulbs that will flower indoors in winter. HYOCHINTHS

7. Metal tower to carry power. PYLON

8. Dictator. TYRANT

9. To do with cleanliness. HYGIENE

10. The same sound in poetry. RHYME

11. Used for causing explosions. DYNAMITE

12. A light gas. HYDROGEN

13. Before computers people used. TYPEWRITER

14. Machine for making electric current. DYNAMO

15. Energetic. DYNAMIC


Shopping List

Marmalade, biscuits, mayonnaise, cauliflower, cereals, sausages, yogurt, currants, wholemeal, walnuts, margarine, chocolate, salmon, lettuce, celery. 

1. Green leaves eaten in salad. LETTUCE

2. A dressing used on salads. MAYONNAISE

3. Usually put into skins. SAUSAGES

4. Made from milk. YOGURT

5. Nuts. WALNUTS

6. Dad likes milk– rather than plain. CHOCOLATE

7. A fish. SALMON

8. Used like butter. MARGARINE

9. Crisp food often with a cup of tea. BISCUITS

10. Grain we eat. CEREALS

11.A long-stemmed vegetable. CELERY

12. Made with oranges and sugar. MARMALADE 

13. Like a cabbage with a white head. CAULIFLOWER

14. A type of bread or flour. WHOLEMEAL

15. Dried fruit. CURRANTS



Paraffin, efficient, sheriff, sufficient, offend, different, chauffeur, difficult, giraffe, daffodil


Digging, begging, bragging, dragging, wagging

1. A law officer. SHERIFF

2. Not easy. DIFFICULT

3. He did not want to — the customer. OFFEND 

4.  A long-necked animal. GIRAFFE

5. A spring flower. DAFFODIL

6. Our new house is very — from the old one. DIFFERENT 

7. The man was not — and made many mistakes. EFFICIENT 

8. A fuel burnt in lamps and heaters. PARAFFIN

9. They gave us — to eat. SUFFICIENT

10. Many a big car is driven by a — CHAUFFEUR.

11. Pulling. DRAGGING 

12. Appealing for money. BEGGING 

13. We felt safe as the dog was — its tail. WAGGING 

14. Turning the soil with a spade. DIGGING

15. Boasting. BRAGGING 



Parachuting, colliding, vibrating, sunbathing, telephoning, inoculating, manufacturing 


Rhubarb, rhinoceros, Rhine, rhapsody, rheumatism, rhododendron, rhythm, rhyme.

1. Quivering. VIBRATING 

2. Using the telephone. TELEPHONING 

3. Dropping by parachute. PARACHUTING 

4. The doctor was — her against whooping – cough. INOCULATING 

5. Lying in the sun. SUNBATHING 

6. Crashing into each other. COLLIDING 


8. A German river. RHINE

9. A painful disease. RHEUMATISM

10. A plant used for pies. RHUBARB

11. A piece of music. RHAPSODY

12. A large evergreen shrub. RHODODENDRON

13. Words sounding alike. RHYME

14. Animal with a horn on its nose. RHINOCEROS

15. Beat in music or verse. RHYTHM

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