Note books’ comments

Never give up! 

That’s the best! 

You are outstanding!

  Nice going well done! 

 perfect excellent! wonderful! 

You are doing fine! You are the best!  

Think positive!  Stay positive!  

You did it well! Great job! 

Good thinking! 

 Good remembering! 

 You did it!  

Excellent try! 

You are a creative thinker!  

We are proud of you! 

 You expressed yourself so well!

You are brave! 

You are such a blessing to others!  

You make me smile!  

You are a great thinker 

You are so motivated! 

 you can do great things!  

You are so smart! 

You are so strong

 You have such a positive attitude!

  You matter to me! You are incredibly special!   

You are wonderfully made!  

You are marvelously unique! 

You are a good friend!  

I know you can do it!  


Good of you! 

Good work!  Great!  

 I have faith in you! 

 Keep it up! 

Nice work! 

You are doing a great job!

  You make me happy!  

Your choice matter!   

You are helpful! 

You are right! 

You are enough! 

You worth it!

 I trust you! 

 You did a good job! 

That was helpful!

 You have a great memory!  

You make my heart full! 

I appreciate you!  

 I love you! 

 You have great ideas! 

Nobody is perfect! 

Be yourself!  

You are such a good kid! 

I am glad you are here 

I know you did your best!  

You are capable 

You can say no! 

Believe yourself!  

You are a shining star! 

 Thanks for working so hard! o

You are such a great kid!

 Keep going!

You can do it!

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